Brushed motor dyno

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Brushed motor dyno

Remember Me? Forum Traxxas Alley Traxxas Alley so i got me a motor dyno Results 1 to 23 of Thread: so i got me a motor dyno What does this motor dyno look like? Man, I would love to have one of those right about now! A lathe would be sweet too. What's with the brasso lol.

brushed motor dyno

Simply the best. Why not do a water breakin and mix brasso with motor oil for the bushing during the breakin? It will seat the brushes and the brasso oil mix wont wash out in the water as fast.

Lol take apart the Titan and used. If I mailed you some motors would you dyno them? I have a fantom dyno in storage but I'm afraid I wont beable to run it on the computer. Lake worth FL. Originally Posted by SRTracer Originally Posted by Emaxx2. I know this post is YEARS old but if you read this and could shoot me a private message it would be greatly appreciated!! Hope to hear from you. Speedracer20 if you havent gotten a hold of him yet try messaging him he will surly get the messasge.

RC is an addiction just don't make me go to rehab. All times are GMT The time now is AM.This dyno is great tool for motor analysis, ESC boost adjustment, brushless sensor adjustment, gearing calculation, etc. It includes one external LCD port, one external I. R Temp port, one current and voltage sensor port, and two temperature sensor ports.

Yet we still offer the ability to see the flywheel spinning action by adding a clear window screen. In addition, a clear Plexiglas shield covers the belt to protect from possible belt breakage. The dyno uses the engine to simply accelerate a flywheel variable load. We calculate the mechanical power and mechanical torque of the motor by knowing the flywheels inertia resistance of an object to a change in its state of motion and it's acceleration.

We offer different sizes and materials to best suit your motor application. Additional flywheels can be purchased separately. Screw into baseboard to securely fasten the dyno.

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Screw 3 is optional. Additional size pulleys can be purchase separately. The flywheel incorporates a set of 2 high-speed, black-sealed, steel ball-bearings throughout the assembly to ensure low friction and maximum efficiency. Optional ceramic bearings can be purchased separately. USD Home. Availability: In stock. Add to Cart. For more information in the dimensions, please check the drawing section. Flywheel Load Selection.

Inertia Chassis Dyno V1. All pre-orders are currently in production and they are estimated to be shipped between February and March. Inertia Slot Car Dyno V1.

Unit Price:. Guaranteed safe Checkout. Previously added products.Moderators: scr8pshodogklavy Post by terry. Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. Brushed motor dyno Brushed, nicad, radios, etc From what I can remember it was about 6x9x2 in size. Two sweep needles One for amps and one for rpm. The motor sat facing into the box and was held with 3 finger screws. The motor had a magnetic cam on the shaft. One of the reasons the motors face was facing in. It had a knob to adjust rpm, and it was black with a silver face.

I've done some searches but cant find the right one, and not knowing who made it doesn't help. Probably made by them. Build your own, it's not that hard. I got one from Deiter and copied it and made several more. All components from radio crack.

Brushed Motors

Basically you have one motor driving your "test" motor. The drive motor is wired for amp draw and the "test" motor is wired for voltage rpm. You can put in a couple different resistors to "load" the motor as well. That dyno is one of the few things I wish I had kept.

There's a Shinwa on eBay, ending in just under 5 hours. Item I don't know the seller. I'm a noob, any advantage to this type of dyno over running the motor under water?

Re: Brushed motor dyno Post by terry. Glad you got it Integra. I know I ask a lot of noob questions, so I try to help out when I can.Feel free to browse our entire product catalog, and let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the items housed within. Our team is always ready and willing to assist our customers, and we are happy for your visit.

Sales Department has gone above and beyond to answer any questions that I've had and is more than willing to help you in any way he can!

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Customer service has been top notch!!!!! Good customer support especially when I was trying to trouble shoot the runs. This is a must have when testing motors. The quality is amazing!

Would highly recommend this product over any other out there like it! Hobby Motor Inertia Dyno V1. Inertia Chassis Dyno V1. All pre-orders are currently in production and they are estimated to be shipped between February and March. Inertia Slot Car Dyno V1. IR Temp. Throttle Controller Sensor.

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Quick Swap Motor Holder. Outrunner Motor Holder. Motor Slider Block. G Belt Drive Conversion Kit. G Belt Drive - Belt. Results are super consistent. Customer support is awesome.Remember Me? Results 1 to 17 of Thread: Traxxas Slash Brushed motor upgrades? Traxxas Slash Brushed motor upgrades? What do you guys suggest? I've been recommending the Orion Method R series motors for awhile.

Good rebuildable budget-based mod motors. But it looks like even those are getting scarce now. Another decent budget motor is the Trinity Speed Gem series. Basically the same specs as the Orion. Rebuildable, ball bearing, machine-wound,etc. I currently have one of my original Slashes from and am running a Trinity P 12x3 mod motor.

That isn't quite a budget motor. I took it out to the track a few weeks ago and was just as fast, if not faster than my friends who were all running Velineon systems. I even kept up with them with the old stock tires, while they were running Proline Calibers all the way around. Potent motor for sure! They pop up on ebay occasionally for fairly cheap. The thing that amazed me even more than passing the brushless trucks was that mine was the last truck to hit LVC and we were all running the same lipo packs.

Brushless motors are definitely more efficient, but I ran an easy 5 minutes longer than anyone else and surely wasn't babying my truck. An excessive amount of power doesn't help if you can't put it to the ground. Also, there is a lot to be said for driving skill! Originally Posted by harry I forget what the RPM range is on the PJump to content. You currently have javascript disabled.

Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

brushed motor dyno

Posted 03 January - PM. I got great information from a great chassis builder, but I am always looking for more information to decipher. And I know this is black magic on times and cycles, but if the people who are breaking in motors with the Trinity Monster Machine dyno - What are you doing? If you don't want to post, please send to me via email at jeff at glueside dot com. Its a simple question, but the answer is complicated.

First of all, there are four modes of testing I think. I only use option 2 and 3. I use option 2 to rate the performance of the motor 6v. I use option 3 to break-in my motors. JK Retro Hawks usually take up to three to four hours to break-in. I do this in increments of 45 minutes, measuring the performance option 2 after two cycles 90 total minutes. On the JK Hawk 6 motor, since I can remove the motor brushes, I inspect the motor brushes every 45 minutes of running at 3.

If the motor brushes are sparking a lot at 3. Figure out what is wrong. EDIT: Option 3 actually allows for two different voltages to be applied in succession as you break-in the motor brushes. I set both voltages to 3. However, you could use 3. It's up to you. You program the Trinity motor machine. It's a great device and is very very handy.

I highly recommend it. Posted 04 January - AM. I use cycle 3 at 2 and 4 volts, I think 15 seconds at each voltage I would have to checkfor a 20 minute cycle. I let Retro Hawk motors run for about two-three hours this way, let them cool, spray them out, then run at 6 volts for about a minute. Seems to work well.

Posted 19 January - PM. Posted 20 January - AM. I just feel it's good to have the brushes broken in before getting full load on the track.

Posted 17 February - PM. Only used. You might see one on ebay once in a while, sometimes even here on slotblog. Trinity dynos are not made anymore.

In fact no one seems to be making dynos for brush motors.Photo: Tamiya F on top of the home made dyno a rear pod of another F Here is an easy tutorial on how to build your own dyno for your radio control cars and trucks.

How To Build a Cheap RC Car Dynamometer

All you need is a computer, cheap headphones and the free software called SimpleDyno. Then a sensor that senses the magnet everytime it rotates by the sensor. This creates a signal that is inputted to the computer via the microphone plug, and graphically plotted by the SimpleDyno software. You can get rpms, torque, speed and power reading graphically. This is a great tuning aid to help you choose gear ratios and select the best motor.

Download the SimpleDyno software and install on your computer. Read the instructions from the SimpleDyno website. Then tune the parameters to suit your needs.

A New Life for Motor Dyno’s

Photo: The rc car dyno. The magnet, headphone sensor and f pod with tires to act as dyno rollers. The slave motor acts as a dummy load to the dyno to get more accurate speed readings.

Let's Test Motors! Mini Pro Dyno Wired Up And First Runs With Analysis - Holmes Hobbies

The other earphone still intact is mounted about 5mm away from the small magnet. This will be the sensor. Photo: Cheap motor checker. Attach the magnet directly to your rc cars tire and check for rpms. More rpms usually means better motor and faster speeds. Turn on your remote control car, then accelerate. Great stuff and best of all this software is free. Here you will see a Tamiya F1 and M-chassis mini rc car on a dyno roller made from an old Tamiya F rear pod.

brushed motor dyno

The second part will show that you can directly attach the magnet to your rc cars tire, then simply hold the headphone near it. This can then give you wheel rpms and allow you to test the speed and power of your motors easily i.

To get clean signals, there is a Signal Threshold parameter, tune this so that the green line baseline is slightly below the red line the headphone sound line. I set mine to around You will need to play around with the software parameters to get readings that would approximate real life.

But it's easy.

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Here the F1 is twice as fast. You can then change motors and gearing and tune your car to gain a competitive advantage against your friends and racers. RC Car Tips. Get a headphone for computers.

Break one of the earphone to get the small magnet. Attach this magnet to your tire or roller dyno. Attach the headphone to the microphone input of your computer.

Dyno Software Tip: 1. Car Motor RPM Speed Tamiya F1 11, 26mph Tamiya Mini 6, 13mph You can then change motors and gearing and tune your car to gain a competitive advantage against your friends and racers. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please share this with your friends and come back again for more rc car tips. RC Cars and Trucks.


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