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Why is it, however, that watch snobs are hard to please? Are they merely measuring up other watch lovers by how much money they are spending?


More accurately, it would be safe to say that most of the timepieces available that have unique or very refined designs and excellent materials, as well as features, tend to be much more expensive. Everyone would love to enjoy deep pockets when it comes to purchasing watches, but the reality is that finding a good watch that is also a really good value takes some work. Fortunately, the aBlogtoWatch team has compiled this list of 10 affordable watches that get a nod from snobs so that you can mingle with the elite timepiece collectors of the world and not feel as though your choice of watch is being immediately dismissed.

That is quite the trifecta: three world renowned dive watches. Solid cases, reliable, workhorse automatic movements, and excellent lume are just some of the key features that make these pieces really stand out. Swatch Sistem Victorinox Airboss Mechanical Black Edition. Dietrich OTC Watches.

Tempest Viking Diver. SevenFriday P-Series. Junghans Max Bill Series. InBill collaborated with Junghans to launch the Max Bill Kitchen Clock which was an instant classic and an enduring success. Further collaborations followed, and a long, mutually beneficial relationship ensued.

watchuseek public forum

Autodromo Stradale. The Autodromo Stradale is one of their latest models, and while it reproduces the design of a cool tachometer with uncanny ease, it remains easily legible. Orient Dress Watch Options. Why is that? Well, Orient dress watches offer some of the best priced entry-level options out there — especially if you want something mechanical. The seconds hand of the Stop2Go, like Swiss railway clocks, measures 58 seconds and for the last 2 seconds, the hand stops, the minute hand advances, and the seconds hand catches up.

All, to mimic how synchronized railway clocks work.The Horologium September 16, admin. Although now taken for granted, the crown and associated gearing of the modern watch—which, miraculously, both winds the watch and sets the hands—is an extremely clever piece of engineering.

One measure of the success of the design is that the virtually the same concept is used in every mechanical wristwatch produced today. The keyless works provides the average watch owner, who does not disassemble his watch, with his entire relationship to the actual mechanism on his wrist. It is thus both our connection to the movement, as well as, unfortunately, our opportunity to abuse it.

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Thus, after explaining the operation of the keyless works, I will also discuss the proper way to use the crown in both hand setting and winding. The keyless works is connected to the motion works, the under-dial mechanism that powers the hands.

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The motion works is covered in a companion article, The Motion Worksalso appearing on the Horologium this month. Because the nomenclature of the parts of the keyless works varies more dramatically between the U. While details between designs varies, virtually all modern watches employ a keyless works of similar concept with eight essential parts.

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The heart of the keyless works is the castle wheel clutch in the U. Additional parts always include the stem the shaft to which the crown is attached, 1 ; pull-out piece setting lever or detent and pull-out piece screw detent screw 2 and 2A respectively ; pull-out piece check spring detent lever3 ; crown gear winding pinion4a ; and castle wheel lever clutch lever5.

In the illustrated IWC cal. These are the stop operating lever 6 and the stop lever 7. The curved upper end of the stop lever contacts the balance wheel rim and arrests its motion when the crown is pulled full out to the hand-setting position. Though not associated with the keyless works, the illustration also indicates the jeweled lower mainspring barrel pivot blue arrowthe backside of the date ring white arrowthe center wheel pivot red arrowand the pallet lever bridge green arrow. The very elegant dial retaining screw is indicated at the orange arrow.

The dial foot —a pin soldered to the back of the dial—is inserted into the plate hole to the right of the screw and held by the screw. A second dial foot is secured with the same arrangement degrees opposite on the plate. The keyless works parts, numbered as in the illustration above, are shown removed from the movement in Figure 1at right. The screwdriver blade tip blue arrow is one millimeter in width, and provides a sense of scale, as well as an appreciation for the very fine finish of the parts in this IWC caliber.

The Bergeon anti-magnetic screw driver is of very high quality, though it reveals a relatively rough finish in comparison to the keyless work parts. It should also be mentioned that the Jaeger LeCoultre design of this keyless works in particularly refined and sturdy. In the disassembled illustration, the pull-out piece 2 is shown inverted, revealing three pins.

The pin at 2B is the detent pin that rests in the stem groove at 1B. It is by this connection that the entire mechanism switches between winding and setting functions. The lower left pin carries the pull-out piece check spring 3the upper left operates the date setting mechanism, which will not be discussed here.

The other indicated positions on the stem indicate the pivot 1Dwhich supports the stem by resting in a hole in the movement plate; the square section 1Cwhich lies within the square center of the castle wheel and thus rotates the castle wheel 4 when the crown is turned; and the threaded section 1Awhich allows the crown to be screwed onto the stem.

The stem is illustrated in more detail at left in Figure 2. The square section 1Cpull-out piece groove 1Band threaded section for the crown 1A are indicated.

The pull-out piece, itself, is shown in profile on top of the stem 2along with its pin 2B engaged in the stem groove. The castle wheel and crown wheel are shown in detail at right. The castle wheel 1 carries conventional teeth on one end 2 to engage with the intermediate wheel that sets the hands. On the other end 3 the castle wheel carries Breguet teeth that engage the Breguet teeth 4 of the crown wheel.

The peripheral teeth of the crown wheel engage the transmission wheel that winds the main spring. Figure 3 shows the keyless works of the caliber in the winding position. The stem is pushed in up, in the illustrationthe stem groove has rotated the pull-piece 2 counter-clockwise on its screw 2A.

watchuseek public forum

Thus the upper tip of the pull piece blue arrow allows the castle wheel lever 5 to move down so that the castle wheel 4 is connected to the crown gear 4A at the red arrow. The castle wheel lever is held in this position at the green arrow by the stop lever 7 which cleverly doubles as a spring.Ever since, Carl F.

Bucherer has taken one ambitious step after the next to distinguish itself as a fine watchmaker. In JulyCarl F. Bucherer made a substantial purchase and integrated a research and movement production workshop in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland. With over 20 watchmakers on staff, the following year, Carl F.

The CFB A is a hand-windable automatic movement. The movement features three patents for a bi-directional peripheral rotor, a dynamic shock system and a fine adjustment system that only needs to be calibrated once.

From there, Carl Bucherer adds modules to create some practical complications such as a Big Date and Calendar, and with more complications anticipated in the near-future.

The innovative Calibre CFB A in-house movement features three patents for a peripheral rotor, a dynamic shock system and a fine adjustment system that only needs to be calibrated once. Ron Stoll, President of Carl F. Bucherer NA, and his daughter Emily give Timezone an extensive introduction to the brand, including a look at the latest in the classically styled Manero collection and contemporary styled Patravi collection.

The Manero CentralChrono is a handsome automatic chronograph with a central minutes hand. The case measures Manero CentralChrono. Calibre CFB automatic chronograph movement. Manero BigDate Power. The new Carl F. For more on these pieces, please visit the Ladies Watch Forum :. The Patravi TravelTec is a chronometer certified chronograph that displays three different time zones.

The Calibre Another practical feature is that the date can be set either forwards or backwards. Patravi TravelTec. The patented movement features a pusher for an instant display of a third time zone. Patravi EvoTec PowerReserve. Bucherer workshop in Ste-Croix. Patravi DayDate. Only Watch A Look at Carl F. Bucherer 5 Features Jessica The innovative Calibre CFB A in-house movement features three patents for a peripheral rotor, a dynamic shock system and a fine adjustment system that only needs to be calibrated once Ron Stoll, President of Carl F.

For more on these pieces, please visit the Ladies Watch Forum : The Patravi TravelTec is a chronometer certified chronograph that displays three different time zones. About author. Timezone Feature.I am interested in finding out if it is a lot of work to moderate this public forum.

How many people moderate the forum? Who moderates the forum? Do people have experience moderating web forums? Are there any known procedures for doing so? What is the best way to moderate a forum so that information seems accurate and truthful?

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At what point does moderating a forum become a misrepresentation of the information sent? Your feedback is appreciated.

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It helps to have experience writing and editing and reading student papers, refereeing journal articles, reviewing manuscripts and grant proposals. As clearly indicated to potential contributors, we do a lot of deleting--only about half of all submitted contributions survive for more than a month. This doubtless hurts a few feelings but substantially raises the quality of the board.

Very few published contributions are edited at all, other than silently to correct spelling, update an URL, or to delete a sour note in an otherwise good answer. Our view is that every contribution to Ask E. We particularly seek to avoid the chronic internet disease of "All Opinions, All the Time. We also are ruthless in deleting contributions with incivilities, rants, taunts, and personal commentary on other contributors.

The forum is named "Ask E. Sometimes I don't answer a question because our contributors have already produced good answers, or I don't have any idea of the answer or don't have anything to say just now. A lot of implicit editing now comes from potential contributors themselves, as they see the style of this board and what good contributions look like. This is a very important point, for as more and more good contributions have accumulated over time, less and less editing has been needed because contributors can tell what it takes to get published here.

We are fortunate in having several star authors, who make smart and interesting contributions. They are occasionally identified as a "Kindly Contributor" to acknowledge publicly my gratitude for their writing. For some boards, a bozo filter may prove useful by automatically deflecting certain trigger words.

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My friend Philip Greenspun constructed a filter at photo. It may be a good idea to post some notes about your editorial policies near the place where potential contributors submit their efforts. Five people are involved in the part-time very part-time management of this forum: Dariane Hunt web designerElaine Morse my design assistantDavid Rodriguez programmera very wise anonymous external reviewer, and myself.Last Page.

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watchuseek public forum

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There is no more incendiary fuel for an argument than an either-or question with strong feelings on both sides. There are many such questions — Bordeaux vs. Burgundy, in-house vs. Generally speaking, we immediately pick one or the other as the only possible correct decision, and insist upon our position, doggedly and dogmatically, no matter how reasonable some of the opposing points may be. keywords

Sometimes, though, seemingly simple questions can become rather more nuanced if you look at them in more detail. Last week Cole Pennington broke down the Hesalite vs. Sapphire problem into its various complex partsand I thought we might look, now that its use is apparently firmly entrenched and not going anywhere, at luminous material which has been colored to resemble that of original-condition vintage watches.

This substance is sometimes called "fauxtina lume" or just "fauxtina. For some of us, it's a dealbreaker, but are there circumstances under which it actually works? Let's take a closer look at its history, and how it's been received by enthusiasts over the years since its introduction.

In addition to the vintage style lume, case, pushers and crown, the watch uses a vintage movement: the Valjoux flyback chronograph. Luminous material, whether radium, tritium paint, or Super-LumiNova, is generally white or near-white when freshly applied.

Various pigments or other elements can be added to change the color under natural light, and you can also manipulate to some degree the color of luminescence that is produced. Rolex uses a proprietary formula for its luminous material, natch, called Chromalight, which glows a fetching peacock-blue.

watchuseek public forum

Modern Super-LumiNova and its relations seem admirably stable. However, over time, there is a tendency for radium and tritium, especially, to fade and discolor to some degree, and this fading, has become one of the basic features by which a vintage watch is evaluated.

One of the first things you learn to look out for if you are wondering if the indexes and hands of a watch with lume are original, or at least about the same age, is to compare the lume on each and see if they more or less match.

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And, naturally, obviously aged and discolored lume has become something strongly identified with the general sense of pleasurable nostalgia, as well as the sense of authenticity and the integrity of the watchmaking of yesteryear, which are part of what makes the collecting of vintage watches so attractive to so many. So here's a thesis I'd like to put to you.

For faded or aged lume to become a symbol of the allure of the vintage world, there have to be enough watches around with faded lume that people might want to collect, and there have to be enough people who want to collect them. In general, watches with tritium hands and dials which came in for service before the advent of LumiNova, would have both replaced, in order to maintain nocturnal visibility.

The transition from radioactive tritium, to non-radioactive LumiNova and subsequently, Super-LumiNova occured in the mid-to-late s, as various brands switched over — Rolex switched in and began using Chromalight in Roughly speaking, then, the tritium era spanned from the mids, to mid The age and condition of luminous material on a watch dial is a key element in evaluating age, condition, and value, but how exactly does lume work?

For an in-depth introduction to luminous materials, from radium to today, check out our story on the science behind luminous dials.Luni Dimineata cafea ffff mare cu caramel.

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